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Jual Face Beauty Care Baru – Serum Anti Acne Oleh Sby Kecantikan Bosishop | Bukalapak

Diformulasikan dengan bahan-bahan tambahan water soluble, sehingga tidak menimbulkan komedo, tidak lengket dan melembabkan kulit muka. KOMPOSISI Azelaic Acid, Bete Hydroxyacid, Carbomer, Aqua D.M, Sodium Metabisulphite, Ethoxydiglicol, Disodium EDTA, Methylidbromo, Glutaronitril, Phenoxyethanol octaxynol-11, Polysorbate 20, Hyaluronat sodium, Vitamin C, D-phantenol. KEGUNAAN -Mencegah dan mengurangi jerawat -Mencegah iritasi wajah ( kemerahan) akibat timbulnya jerawat -Melembabkan kulit wajah yang kering akibat jerawat CARA PEMAKAIAN: Tetaskan 2-3 tetes serum pada telapak tangan, kemudian usapkan pada kulit wajah yang berjerawat. Untuk pencegahan serum dapat digunakan pada seluruh wajah secara tipis.

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Thinner and wrinkled skin, the typical sign of normal aging, or sometimes acne, is the consequence of reduced collagen. Special benefits of algae extract in acne It improves skin immune system, free radical scavenger, skin restructuring, wrinkle reduction and tissue renewal. It also provides protective film. Pure algae extracts also work to inhibit skin irritation and reduce oxidative stress to skin cells.

Natural Skin Care for Acne | Natural Skin RX

Jual Face Beauty Care Baru - Serum Anti Acne Oleh Sby Kecantikan Bosishop |  Bukalapak 02-after

Herbal Skin Care In contrast with the sledgehammer effects of standard treatment, natural skin care products for acne work more harmoniously with skin physiology. Worldwide every culture seems to have a history of using local plants for herbal skin care. In more recent times certain of these herbs have taken the stage as important ingredients for keeping skin healthy and vibrant in the face of acne. One of the many stars of the show is licorice root. The science of herbal skin care often takes its lead from traditional uses of herbs.

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